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This is Dr Padilla dentist and owner of DentalExpressions of Naples and Fort Myers.

I know how frustrating it can be! to search for a dentist that can meet your needs.

I can imagine. You searched for months… maybe years… wondering if anyone out there will listen to your concerns, study your needs and the n present to you truthful information about your problems giving their heart and soul into it as if it were their own problems.

Taking a comprehensive approach to your dental health is what matters. That is why I offer many of the new advanced services to provide our patients with the best technology, advanced care and comfort.


People have asked me, how Dental Expressions is considered to be quite different from other dental practices, why should they come to me. Well, here’s my main three reasons:

* The personal care I’ll have for you.

* The quality of the comprehensive services we offer here which translates into a better, longer lasting smile.

* And because I want you to be Healthy and have the smile You Want and Deserve.